Kent, Faversham, St Mary's of Charity Church

William Henry ALLEN, son of Henry & Susanna ALLEN, was born around 1790 in Faversham, Kent.
I can state this for sure because of Bishop’s Transcripts.  Before this discovery, I only knew that William Henry ALLEN was a carpenter and the father of Mary Ann Allen since he appears on his daughter’s marriage certificate in 1848 (also seen in this post).

Marriage Certificate of George Wright PALMER & Mary Ann ALLEN

This information backs up the 1851 census record I had for the family (although the names of the visiting grandchildren made me pretty confident anyway):

1851 census entry for ALLEN family

So I now know that the family lived on Chatham Hill, Chatham between 1848 and 1851 (at least) and that Henry was a carpenter born in Faversham, Kent around 1790.  (I also know the names of a few more children but I’m focusing on William for now).  Next stop, parish records…
Unfortunately, the Medway Ancestors project doesn’t seem to have the parish registers for Faversham online but I recently did a search on Find My Past and it came up with the Bishop’s Transcript record.  Bishop’s Transcripts were a copy of the parish records, often summarised, that each church sent to the Bishop.  Information can vary from the register and the transcript so it’s always worthwhile to check out both if you can.

Canterbury Baptisms - Bishop's Transcripts
Canterbury Baptisms – Bishop’s Transcripts (St Mary’s of Charity, Faversham)

…William Henry Allen, son of Henry & Susanna Allen [May 30, 1790]…

Yay! I now know the name of William Henry’s parents and have unlocked a few more avenues of research for this family.

Next steps:

8 thoughts on “The ALLEN Key”

  1. Your info has been very helpful in my family research, My G G Granparents were George Wright Palmer and Mary Ann Allen, her father William Henry Allen and Sarah Parkin and W H Allens father Henry John Allen and Susan Firminger according to my research, hoping you have confirmation of this. Would like to make contact. My maiden name is Palmer

  2. Thank you! I’m really glad my blog has helped someone out there 🙂
    I have confirmation of all the info you have also gleaned EXCEPT I have William Henry ALLEN’s wife (Mary Ann ALLEN’s mother) as Sarah BIGGS. I have their marriage entry in the parish records so I’m curious about this PARKIN lady… how did you come to that conclusion? It’s possible Allen/Biggs may not be the droids I’m looking for!

    I can be contacted via the little envelope icon in the menu bar at the top of the page or email me directly – [email protected]

    • My research has been packed away for a year or two, I am curious now to follow up Sarah Biggs (me having Parkin listed on my chart) I have some certificates that might be of assistance for you. A few years ago I travelled from Australia to Portsea and Chichester genealogy centres. The earliest certificate I have is Celia Sharpe birth of 1766. Would like to know what Palmer side of the family you are from? My G Grandfather was Thomas Henry Palmer. Looking fwd to hearing from you.

      • My 2nd Great Grandfather was George Wright Palmer (brother of Thomas Henry Palmer). I, too, have done the pilgrimmage to Portsea and Chichester genealogy centres (although I currently live in England so it wasn’t such a huge journey). I keep meaning to go back again but haven’t yet. I sent a copy of the Biggs marriage to your iinet email address – perhaps try checking your spam folder?

        • Hi Alison, Still in process of unpacking my gen stuff. Found an email dated August Thanks for your reply. In an email of 2010 from Rob Lee, he mentioned he helped you with Palmer tree. Found his comments regarding the Parkin name. His quote – “Mary Ann Palmer (nee Allen) parents were William Henry Allen B 1790 Faversham Kent, d 24/01/1864 Medway Union House Gillingham Kent and Sarah Parkin b circa 1794 Gillingham Kent. I have Mary Ann Allen’s baptism and death certificates if you want them” Maybe you could piece this info together, as yet have to wade through a lot more paperwork. I do have some pics. I could scan these docs through, maybe you could give me an email address.

  3. Hi again Ruth,
    I do remember working with Rob on the tree a while ago as well as with you. 🙂 I have tried to contact you through two different emails.
    My address again is: [email protected]

    I also have Mary Ann Allen’s baptism and death certificates but I’m not sure where he got Sarah PARKIN from but I do have a marriage certifcate for William Henry Allen to Sarah BIGGS which I am willing to share of course.

  4. Hi Alison, Sorry for my delay. I would be very interested in receiving Mary Ann Allen’s baptism and death certificates and also marriage certificate for William Henry Allen to Sarah Biggs. I feel that Rob could be incorrect in the name Parkin, when I get to his correspondence will double check. I will get my brother Bill Palmer to follow up with Rob when Bill arrives home from overseas. I have a couple of Palmer pics I would like to forward to you but are unable to do so from this contact as an attachment. Busy here but I intend to sift through the Palmer files again. I look forward to sharing any family info with you. PS changed my server some time ago but this current iinet address reaches me no worries.


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