The Incredible Hulk

After a bit of a break I ventured onto the Ancestry site and noticed that they had ‘new’ prison hulk registers and letter books. I found that my ol’ pal, George WHITE was held on the Ganymede while awaiting trial and/or transportation to Van Diemen’s Land in 1834. The Ganymede was originally the French frigate, Hébé … Read more The Incredible Hulk

Black Sheep Sunday

Hobart Town from the New Town Road by J.S. Prout (1844) via Carrying on from last week’s Black Sheep Sunday post. I have managed to have find some more snippets of information of my Black Sheep duo – George WHITE and Elizabeth ALLEN. World Vital Records offered free records until the 18th (tomorrow) so … Read more Black Sheep Sunday

Black Sheep Sunday

Some more details of two of my family’s black sheep: I first mentioned George White and Elizabeth Allen in my post, Woman of my Conviction. Both were transported to Tasmania, Australia (then known as Van Diemen’s Land) for their respective crimes in the early 19th century. Convicts in Tasmania were not allowed to marry each … Read more Black Sheep Sunday

Convictions – update

I’ve discovered that if the record image you want is not online, the Archives Office of Tasmania has a free record service – I’ve now requested a copy of the original page with George and Elizabeth’s Convict Application to Marry. Related posts:The Incredible HulkHouse CallMember DISconnectUsing Convict Records to Go Back

Woman of my Convictions

I found out last year that I have convict blood coursing through these law-abiding veins. Alice Ann WHITE was born in Victoria, Australia in 1860. Her parents names on the birth certificate left no clues that both her parents were actually freed convicts. The only reference to their previous life was that both of their … Read more Woman of my Convictions