Annie, are you okay?

Thanks to the free Fold3 access for this weekend, I’ve been able to pad out a bit of the extended EBBANS tree. A blanket search for ‘Ebbans’ threw up the name of Annie Ebbans. It turns out she was listed as wife on the WWI military file of Edward Williams, which also gave their marriage … Read more Annie, are you okay?

Four Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and a Funeral

While researching gypsy ancestors, I discovered some interesting reports on local ‘gipsy’ happenings. The weddings must have been as much of a spectacle then as they are now (thanks to television programmes like ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’). Oh, if only there were photographs! …The bride wore a gorgeous dress of maroon plush, surmounted by an immense hat covered with waving … Read more Four Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and a Funeral

Looking for Lovell

Carnation LOVELL was born into her gypsy family in Willenhall, 1889. Finding her family has led me on a bit of a run around over the years and I have decided I need to find some solid records and check my information is correct so far (a previous post can be found here). She appears … Read more Looking for Lovell

A Cautionary Tale

After a long (unintentional) break from genealogy, I returned to ancestry to find some ‘wiggling leaves’ attached to Charles RICHARDS (b1851).  There was a death and probate suggestion which seemed very likely and got me a bit excited until I actually checked the detail on the probate entry:  Although the places were apt, none of … Read more A Cautionary Tale

Murder in the Family II

(See original post here.) Another message from my husband’s aunt seems to indicate the belief that Eliza Tharm is the ancestor in question: “this Eliza Tharm isn’t a direct ancestor but down the line from either a brother or sister of one of our direct ancestors.” I had come across Eliza in my initial research as … Read more Murder in the Family II