Oh, Chrysler!

A couple of years ago, I posted the above picture of my grandmother’s family enjoying a roadside picnic in front of a ‘mystery mobile’. (The original post can be seen here). When my ‘car-brained’ brother came to visit a little while ago, I recruited him to help me find out more about the car in the … Read more Oh, Chrysler!

Adopting a New Approach

The 1881 census first told me that my second great grandfather, Alexander Gibson REID (also featured in my post, Dating Photographs) was adopted. I found it very interesting but soon realised that this created a problem for my research. Alexander Gibson REID on a family outing circa 1928 see Dating Photographs post for more information … Read more Adopting a New Approach

Dating Photographs

A REID roadside picnic – 1928/9 A lot of magazine articles dedicated to the subject of dating photographs, would use clues such as fashion and the model of the car to date this photograph.  Fortunately, my grandmother wrote on the back of almost every photo so I can use my family tree to make the … Read more Dating Photographs

The Buchan Trio

The Buchan Trio – 1925 Alex, Gwen & Ngaire BUCHAN The photograph above is of my grandmother, Gwenyth Jean BUCHAN (centre) and her siblings – younger brother Alexander Lewis BUCHAN and older sister Ngaire Margaret BUCHAN (their youngest sister Margaret was to appear 6 years later). Tragically, Ngaire died of peritonitis (a ruptured appendix) when she was only ten years … Read more The Buchan Trio

House Call

Whilst reading my copy of ‘Your Family Tree’ magazine, I came across a great resource for people with London ancestors. The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection includes an 1843 London map which you can transpose over google’s current satellite map. This would have saved me a lot of time a couple of years ago. I … Read more House Call