More Buchan ‘Lunatics’

I was very excited to receive an email from Roy BUCHAN – author of the book ‘From Peterhead to Passchendaele’ mentioned on this blog and distant relative of mine. He also mentioned that the Mr Peter BUCHAN listed above (on the Rimutaka 1893 passenger list)¬†as aged 35 was, in fact, mentally retarded from birth and … Read more More Buchan ‘Lunatics’

I Feel the Need… the Need for FOCUS

I’ve been MIA the last few weeks as I travelled back to Australia for my brother’s wedding (which was lovely). Sadly, my grandmother’s health has deteriorated and she has now moved to Sydney to be closer to my uncle. (Interestingly, she is a direct descendant of the BUCHAN lunatics I’ve been blogging about and is … Read more I Feel the Need… the Need for FOCUS

Workhouse Call

Read 1st part here and 2nd part here. It took some time (and a bit of money) for me to find the right George PALMER’s death certificate. I am now quite sure this is the correct one as the age, occupation and location fit. George Palmer’s death certificate – 29th October 1896 After an eventful … Read more Workhouse Call

Snow Friend of Mine

image source: h is for home I’ve been gone a while as I haven’t had much time to do genealogy lately. I haven’t even emailed my fabulous archivist for more information on the new lunatics I’ve uncovered from the last information received (She’s probably glad for the break). At least this glorious snow we’ve been … Read more Snow Friend of Mine

A Family of Lunatics!

I received the case notes for Wilson BUCHAN today. The contents were very interesting. Wilson’s case is sad but what strikes me from these notes is that the sense of family was very strong. It also strikes me that insanity very much runs in my family. On the 17th June 1875, Wilson BUCHAN was admitted … Read more A Family of Lunatics!