Persistent Cruelty

In 1901, Thomas Henry WHEELEY and Ann ROGERS had been married for 23 years and had had 8 children together.  They were living on Dalkeith Street in Walsall – a row of terraced houses built alongside the Walsall Locks less than ten years before (in the early 1890s). Thomas was a ‘brown saddler’ living in … Read more Persistent Cruelty

Wheeley Interesting Sequel

I previously wrote about the brief marriage between William Henry Marston and Blanche Emma Wheeley in the post, Wheeley Interesting.  I have just discovered that five years after their unhappy relationship broke down, there was a development… Basically, the amount of support Marston had to pay Blanche had been dropped to 7s.6d (approximately £29.46 in … Read more Wheeley Interesting Sequel

Aunt Sally

Before Rose Richards [nee LAMB] died, we were chatting about her family history via facebook messenger and she wrote: “… my Dad had a sister we called Sally. She married a man named Woodward who left her and went to America. During the war an American soldier had a piece in the Derby Evening telegraph … Read more Aunt Sally

The Hannah Chronicles – Shocking Immorality

In 1880, Hannah and her husband Alexander ROLLETT made the papers again with regards to their ‘shocking immorality’. According to the articles, Hannah had taken up with Henry Banks, who happened to also be married. Selina Banks, in turn took up with Alexander – in some kind of ‘wife swap’ scenario.  Hannah went round ‘to … Read more The Hannah Chronicles – Shocking Immorality