An Old Car Accident

My mother’s recollections of her grandfather, Eduard LEMMENS, included his involvement in a serious car accident. She believed it occurred in a chauffered car in Switzerland which led to maybe brain damage or a coma but she was not sure. I have since been able to find mention of this accident and the serious injuries … Read more An Old Car Accident

Oh, Chrysler!

A couple of years ago, I posted the above picture of my grandmother’s family enjoying a roadside picnic in front of a ‘mystery mobile’. (The original post can be seen¬†here). When my ‘car-brained’ brother came to visit a little while ago, I recruited him to help me find out more about the car in the … Read more Oh, Chrysler!

Dating Photographs

A REID roadside picnic – 1928/9 A lot of magazine articles dedicated to the subject of dating photographs, would use clues such as fashion and the model of the car to date this photograph.¬† Fortunately, my grandmother wrote on the back of almost every photo so I can use my family tree to make the … Read more Dating Photographs