Arthur and Martha… I mean, Mary

I mentioned in my previous post that I’d like to know more about Arthur BUCHAN’s next marriage as their children are mentioned in Roy Buchan’s book ‘From Peterhead to Passchendaele’.  He had married his first wife, Christian BUCHAN in 1857 who had died by the 1861 census.  Marriage of Arthur BUCHAN and Christian BUCHAN … Read more Arthur and Martha… I mean, Mary

Kissing Cousins?

I’m still reading Roy Buchan’s fabulous ‘From Peterhead to Passchendaele’ which has thrown up some more avenues of research but have been wondering about Jessie’s husband who was also a BUCHAN.   John’s parents, Arthur and Christian BUCHAN sounded familiar but the same names do keep cropping up in these fishing villages.  How closely related were they? The first step was … Read more Kissing Cousins?

Inquests and Articles

This morning I received some death certificates for members of my BUCHAN family.  On Alexander Ritchie BUCHAN’s certificate it states his cause of death as ‘Verdict of Jury – Sudden Failure of the Heart’. Part of Alexander Ritchie BUCHAN’s death certificate – 1896 My grandmother mentioned in a letter years ago that “Grandad B [a … Read more Inquests and Articles

More Chiropody at Trentham

My mother found more of my great grandfather’s cartoons depicting Trentham military training camp (New Zealand) in World War I (see the original post here): That First Trentham Feeling on Trentham Pebbles in Bill Massey’s boots (Buck – Copyright) Recruits Coming into Camp (Buck.17. Copyright 1917 – Trentham) S.M. Try one on his head Sergeant … Read more More Chiropody at Trentham

Chiropody at Trentham

I’ve finally managed to scan some of my grandmother’s photos that I brought back from my holidays. This one appears to be a photograph of a sketch: ‘Chiropody at Trentham’ – Buchan 1916 On the back, my grandmother has written “Done by Charles Buchan during WWI.  He was in medical unit doing chiropody“. Charles BUCHAN … Read more Chiropody at Trentham