Kissing Cousins?

I’m still reading Roy Buchan’s fabulous ‘From Peterhead to Passchendaele’ which has thrown up some more avenues of research but have been wondering about Jessie’s husband who was also a BUCHAN.   John’s parents, Arthur and Christian BUCHAN sounded familiar but the same names do keep cropping up in these fishing villages.  How closely related were they? The first step was … Read more Kissing Cousins?

The One That Stayed Behind

I had mentioned in ‘Desperately Seeking John’ that there was one BUCHAN who didn’t emigrate to New Zealand on the Rimutaka with the rest of the family.  In Roy Buchan’s book ‘From Peterhead to Passchendaele’ he mentions that “there is thought to be at least one other who stayed behind.”. Feeling inspired, I wanted to find out more … Read more The One That Stayed Behind

A Family of Lunatics!

I received the case notes for Wilson BUCHAN today. The contents were very interesting. Wilson’s case is sad but what strikes me from these notes is that the sense of family was very strong. It also strikes me that insanity very much runs in my family. On the 17th June 1875, Wilson BUCHAN was admitted … Read more A Family of Lunatics!

Lunatic in the Family – Case Notes

I received my case notes from the archives yesterday which made for very interesting reading: This is a case of senile insanity and patient is stated to have been more or less doted for twelve years. Her brother however is insane. Medical certificates testify that for some time she has been very excitable, that she … Read more Lunatic in the Family – Case Notes

Lunatic in the Family Update

I received a quick and detailed email back from the archivist at the Grampian Archives, who searched the Asylum (& Poorhouse) records for me. The information she has given me from the admission registers, has enabled me to put some more pieces of Agnes’ life together. Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Agnes was admitted into the Aberdeen … Read more Lunatic in the Family Update