Oh, Chrysler!


A couple of years ago, I posted the above picture of my grandmother’s family enjoying a roadside picnic in front of a ‘mystery mobile’. (The original post can be seen here).

When my ‘car-brained’ brother came to visit a little while ago, I recruited him to help me find out more about the car in the picture.  After much google searching, we believe the car to be a 1927/28 Chrysler Imperial 52 coupe.  For comparison, here are some other pics of this model:


source: ‘Antique Automobile Club of America’ forums (2013)


source: Hemmings Motor News (Reader’s Rides) (2013)

I also found this vintage (American) advertisement on the ‘Imperial Club’ website:


source: Imperial Club


(zoom of the ’52’):

New Chrysler “52”
I’m pretty sure this is the right one but I welcome any corrections or other information.


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