Double Dutch

Today I finally finished my Super-Duper-Handy-Dandy Dutch Birth Record Translation Helper.   This is actually just a pdf form I created to help me translate/make sense of the birth records I’ve found so far for the LEMMENS family.  Essentially, the ‘fillable’ fields are where the genealogical information was recorded on the original.  I have tried to make it look as similar to the original record as possible so that I don’t lose myself in the language.

1886 Eduard LEMMENS birth b
Dutch Birth Record of Eduard LEMMENS
Super-Duper-Handy-Dandy Dutch Birth Record Translation Helper output

I will probably fine-tune the pdf as I continue to use it but will make it available in my Useful Links section as a download, in case it helps anyone out there.  If you share it, please link to this post rather than the direct link – thank you!

I also made up a little Dutch Number ready reckoner so that I can translate the numbers more easily.


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