Mystery Grandson Solved

In my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to find out more about the mystery grandson, William CASSANS, found staying with the ALLEN family in the 1851 census.  I’ve actually wanted to do this for years – ever since I first found this census record.  If I could find who his mother was, I … Read more Mystery Grandson Solved

Wrestling with Death (places)

William WREFORD was my famous (in those times) wrestling ancestor hailing from Devon (previously mentioned here and here).  So, the fact that the only likely death entry for him was registered in London was a bit worrying for me.  Could I be confident this was really him? Luckily, I had found a newspaper article mentioning he … Read more Wrestling with Death (places)

Workhouse Call

Read 1st part here and 2nd part here. It took some time (and a bit of money) for me to find the right George PALMER’s death certificate. I am now quite sure this is the correct one as the age, occupation and location fit. George Palmer’s death certificate – 29th October 1896 After an eventful … Read more Workhouse Call