On a Wing and a Prayer Card

Prayer cards, which appear to be mostly a catholic tradition, are printed to commemorate someone who has recently died. I was lucky enough to find the ‘In Memoriam’ or ‘prayer card’ of my great grandmother, Gabrielle Minne, in The Friends of the Poperings Archives’ online collection [De Vrienden van het Poperings Archief vzw (VPA)]. PRAY … Read more On a Wing and a Prayer Card

A Queenly Godmother

There was a story told by my Belgian grandmother, that she was named after Queen Astrid, who was also her godmother due to a royal tradition. I remember her telling me that as a child, she was once invited to play with the princess, who was of a similar age, but that they fought over … Read more A Queenly Godmother

An Old Car Accident

My mother’s recollections of her grandfather, Eduard LEMMENS, included his involvement in a serious car accident. She believed it occurred in a chauffered car in Switzerland which led to maybe brain damage or a coma but she was not sure. I have since been able to find mention of this accident and the serious injuries … Read more An Old Car Accident


  A while back, my mother emailed the above photo of her grandfather, Eduard LEMMENS with his siblings.   The only ones identified at the time were Eduard (left) and his brother, Michel (right) whose records I had been unable to locate – I didn’t even have names of the sisters but at least the … Read more The LEMMENS Tree

Double Dutch

Today I finally finished my Super-Duper-Handy-Dandy Dutch Birth Record Translation Helper.   This is actually just a pdf form I created to help me translate/make sense of the birth records I’ve found so far for the LEMMENS family.  Essentially, the ‘fillable’ fields are where the genealogical information was recorded on the original.  I have tried … Read more Double Dutch