While trawling through the parish registers of St Combs, I came across a record for a Charles Gordon BUCHAN.  It was quite rare to come across a middle name in this family (as opposed to a tee name) and wondered if it was reference to the mother’s maiden name. Alexander Buchan (Skipper) in Cairnglass had … Read more Cairnglass

Girls, girls, girls

  Recently, I rediscovered a photo of my grandmother and her classmates in 1938, hidden in one of my family history books. On the reverse, in my grandmother’s scrawl, are written the names of her fellow schoolgirls. As I recognise my grandmother, Gwen and her best friend, Daphne in the front row of the picture, … Read more Girls, girls, girls

Wind Beneath Their Wings

Cute pic, huh? On the back, someone has written in pencil, ‘Daphne & Gwen at Mt Cook’.  This information is repeated underneath in my grandmother’s unmistakable pen scrawl (presumably in case the pencil faded) before adding ‘1939’. Gwen, on the right is my grandmother, and on the left is Daphne, her best friend. I know this because Grandma often spoke … Read more Wind Beneath Their Wings

Arthur and Martha… I mean, Mary

I mentioned in my previous post that I’d like to know more about Arthur BUCHAN’s next marriage as their children are mentioned in Roy Buchan’s book ‘From Peterhead to Passchendaele’.  He had married his first wife, Christian BUCHAN in 1857 who had died by the 1861 census.  Marriage of Arthur BUCHAN and Christian BUCHAN … Read more Arthur and Martha… I mean, Mary