Persistent Cruelty

In 1901, Thomas Henry WHEELEY and Ann ROGERS had been married for 23 years and had had 8 children together.  They were living on Dalkeith Street in Walsall – a row of terraced houses built alongside the Walsall Locks less than ten years before (in the early 1890s). Thomas was a ‘brown saddler’ living in … Read more Persistent Cruelty

Wheeley Interesting Sequel

I previously wrote about the brief marriage between William Henry Marston and Blanche Emma Wheeley in the post, Wheeley Interesting.  I have just discovered that five years after their unhappy relationship broke down, there was a development… Basically, the amount of support Marston had to pay Blanche had been dropped to 7s.6d (approximately £29.46 in … Read more Wheeley Interesting Sequel

A Queenly Godmother

There was a story told by my Belgian grandmother, that she was named after Queen Astrid, who was also her godmother due to a royal tradition. I remember her telling me that as a child, she was once invited to play with the princess, who was of a similar age, but that they fought over … Read more A Queenly Godmother

An Old Car Accident

My mother’s recollections of her grandfather, Eduard LEMMENS, included his involvement in a serious car accident. She believed it occurred in a chauffered car in Switzerland which led to maybe brain damage or a coma but she was not sure. I have since been able to find mention of this accident and the serious injuries … Read more An Old Car Accident